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Oregon ADAP, CAREAssist

The Oregon Health Authority, CAREAssist Program, is responsible for the administration of Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). CAREAssist provides access to life-saving medications used to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), prevent the onset of associated opportunistic infections, and improve the overall health of people living with HIV who have limited resources or no insurance coverage.

In addition, CAREAssist supports community partners with End HIV Oregon and HIV prevention efforts across the State. Oregonians with HIV are living longer, healthier lives with the help of HIV medications. People who take daily HIV treatment, as prescribed, can maintain an undetectable viral load (meaning their HIV medicines are working so well that there is an extremely low amount of virus in their blood). HIV positive people with an undetectable viral load have no risk of transmitting HIV to their sexual partners. To find out more, visit: Undetectable = Untransmittable on the Oregon Health Authority, HIV Prevention website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oregon ADAP, CAREAssist?

The CAREAssist program is Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). The mission of the program is to provide access to HIV Antiretroviral medications and other prescription drugs for the treatment of opportunistic infections. CAREAssist requires that all clients use health insurance resources to help pay the cost of these medications and others that their doctors prescribe.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

To become a client of CAREAssist the applicant must:

  • Have HIV infection that the program can verify by licensed medical provider or a Ryan White trained Medical Case Manager
  • Live in Oregon
  • Have income that is not over 550% of the federal poverty guidelines as defined in the year the application is received.
  • Have assets consistent with program guidelines

How Does a Patient Enroll in the Program?

A patient may enroll by submitting the completed application found on the CAREAssist website. You must attach all documents required as indicated in the enrollment instructions which includes documents to verify current income and previous years income. There are community based case managers that may be able to help you complete the application.

To find applications and instructions click on the link below:

> CAREAssist Application and Instructions

What Drugs Are Covered?

CAREAssist clients are able to get all FDA approved antiretroviral medications and other medicines used for the treatment of Opportunistic Infections. The CAREAssist client's primary health insurance formulary dictates what other medications are eligible for CAREAssist help with copays and deductibles. There are a limited number of drugs that are available from the CAREAssist formulary when those drugs are not covered by the client's primary insurance.

The Formulary for Preferred Network can be found by clicking on the link below:

Where Can a Patient's Prescriptions be Filled?

CAREAssist members must use a contracted In-Network Pharmacy for all maintenance prescription drugs received. Effective October 1, 2011 CAREAssist members are required to get all maintenance drugs such as HIV antiretrovirals from a contract pharmacy. Both urgent medications such as an antibiotics or pain management drugs and HIV and other long-term or non-urgent medications are covered at those pharmacies. To see a list of all pharmacies which are approved to dispense maintenance drugs click the locate button on the Pharmacy Locator below without entering any information in the fields.

Short-term medications such as an antibiotic or pain medication may be filled at other pharmacies if that pharmacy has signed up with Ramsell, which is CAREAssist's pharmacy benefits management contractor. To find a pharmacy that can fill short-term or urgent medications type the zip code, town name or county into the pharmacy locator on the left panel.

Where Can I Learn More About Oregon CAREAssist?

The CAREAssist website will provide you with the most up to date applications and information. There are links to other web pages that might help you find a community based case manager or other services in your community. To visit the CAREAssist website click on the link below:

> OR CAREAssist Website

To visit the HIV case management and community services website click on the link below:

> HIV Care and Treatment Website

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