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Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism

We help corrections manage discharge planning and community supervision by connecting inmates and parolees to the resources and medications they need to improve care and reduce recidivism... for a better life.


Ramsell assists probation and parole agencies, correctional healthcare providers, and related correctional program managers with discharge planning and community supervision by connecting inmates and parolees to the resources, support and medications they need. Ramsell enables Corrections managers to:

  • Improve discharge planning and monitoring process
  • Ensure continuity of care
  • Increase public safety
  • Reduce recidivism
  • Reduce overall costs

Community Supervision
Probation and Parole agents can use RCA to build individualized case plans for each ex-offender on their caseload, schedule appointments, monitor adherence to the appointments in real time, receive alerts notifying them of new activity, share case notes, and track agency outcomes.

Discharge Planning
Discharge planners can input results of an automated inmate-specific needs assessment either manually or through integration with existing technology platforms. RCA's dynamic matching engine will then connect them to client-specific Community Based Organizations for healthcare, housing, employment, substance abuse, mental health and other social services to increase the likelihood of parolee success. Once released, parolees or probationers can be monitored for adherence to their discharge plans.

Correctional Healthcare Service Providers
The average length of incarceration has been increasing, placing a greater burden on prison healthcare systems to address chronic medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. By some estimates, hepatitis C expenditures, alone, are predicted to rise to $10.7 billion, and the U.S. prison healthcare system could see an estimated 15% to 60% increase in its budget in the coming years.

Only Ramsell offers a comprehensive, configurable suite of solutions focused on re-entry and continuity of care, including:

  • Ramsell Correctional Application
    Discharge planning tool to match inmates with resources for healthcare, housing, education, employment, substance abuse and social services
  • Ramsell340B
    In-depth expertise and comprehensive technology solutions to streamline administration, increase access to medications, improve outcomes, and reduce costs
  • RamsellPBM
    Innovative approach, complete transparency, and unmatched, configurable PBM solutions for better control over pharmacy programs and costs and with relentless focus on patient outcomes
  • RamsellMTM
    Expert, patient-focused clinical services and configurable technology to improve and measure clinical outcomes, improve quality of life and control costs

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