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Improve Discharge Process.
Ensure Continuity of Care.
Reduce Recidivism.

Reducing Recidivism One Person at a Time

Ramsell assists both correctional healthcare as well as probation and parole program managers and staff with streamlined discharge planning and community supervision referral management and collaborative case management. RCA accomplishes this by helping to connect offenders to the resources and medical care they need. Ramsell provides correctional systems and correctional healthcare companies the ability to:

  • Improve discharge planning and monitoring process
  • Ensure continuity of care
  • Increase public safety
  • Reduce recidivism
  • Reduce overall costs

Configurable Technology Solutions

RCA automates the correctional discharge planning and management process, and allows users to build a custom, individualized discharge plan for each inmate. The discharge plan connects inmates to community based organizations (CBO) to assist them with their needs for healthcare, housing, employment, substance abuse and social services to ensure successful integration. Users can:

  • Access an existing community network of organizations
  • Create a permanent offender profile/record to assess needs
  • Develop a list of appropriate local CBOs to assist
  • Schedule appointments for offenders with CBOs
  • Communicate with CBOs in a secure environment
  • Monitor adherence to discharge plan across CBOs

Comprehensive Program Service

Ramsell works with corrections agencies to develop custom community provider networks to meet the needs of offenders in the communities where they will be released to increase offender access to resources. We develop a client-specific process to effectively match offenders to the resources they need, load the information into the system, and conduct training for users.

Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your discharge program to reduce recidivism one person at a time. Click here to request a demo also you can contact us via email at or call us at 1-888-900-6635.