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Standardize Quality Treatment.
Improve Outcomes.
Control Costs.

Clinically sound, patient-focused MTM services and configurable technology to improve clinical outcomes and control costs.

Up to half of patients do not take their prescriptions correctly, which has been estimated to cost nearly $300 billion a year for emergency room visits, hospital admissions, lab testing, and other medical expenditures. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) optimizes therapeutic outcomes for individual patients, with MTM returns on investment ranging from $3.50 saved for every $1 spent to $12 saved for every $1.

RamsellMTM™ helps sponsors standardize quality interventions, improve clinical outcomes and control costs. For sponsors struggling with changing regulatory requirements, complex populations lacking care coordination, and the high cost of clinical staff or inflexibility of MTM tools or programs, Ramsell provides direct patient MTM Services and/or a customizable, flexible MTM Technology Solution.

Our mission is to bring clinically sound, patient-focused medication therapy management to each patient, delivered with dignity, every time, to ensure their best life possible.

RamsellMTM allows Sponsors to:

  • Improve and measure clinical outcomes
  • Standardize clinical interventions
  • Control costs
  • Resolve medication therapy problems

Configurable Technology Solutions
RamsellMTM delivers configurable technology designed to manage client-specific, patient-focused MTM programs. In an automated fashion, clinicians can identify and enroll eligible patients, conduct patient-specific interventions, generate documentation and measure outcomes through a customizable, flexible web-based MTM tool.

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