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Ramsell Partners with Alameda County to Transition and Manage Patients in New HIV Program

Company’s Solutions Will Help Improve Patient Access to Discounted Medication, Reduce Costs

Oakland, Calif., October 10, 2012 – Ramsell Corporation, a leading provider of innovative solutions to organizations that serve the underserved, today announced it is working with the Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC) to provide 340B and pharmacy benefits management services to approximately 700 low-income HIV/AIDS patients who are enrolled in the Low Income Health Program.

HealthPAC is a program for uninsured residents of Alameda County. Ramsell will manage the new HealthPAC HIV drug program which ensures complete health care coverage and discounted medication to HIV/AIDS patients through the federal 340B drug pricing program. Utilizing the Ramsell340B™ solution, Ramsell will integrate pharmacy management services such as claims adjudication and utilization reporting with a robust platform that provides specific features to manage and track 340B inventory, prevent drug diversion and determine patient eligibility.

"At HealthPAC, our goal is to provide comprehensive care for eligible Alameda County residents while managing costs. With its extensive experience with public health programs, Ramsell will be able to ensure continuity of care for our HIV/AIDs patients and help us access discounted medications through the 340B drug pricing program," said Douglas Del Paggio, director of pharmacy services, Alameda County Behavior Health Services.

In addition, Ramsell is assisting with the transition of patients currently eligible for California’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program to the HealthPAC HIV Program. Ramsell has managed the state ADAP for 15 years, handling program enrollment and eligibility administration, coordination of benefit services, pharmacy network management, claims processing and related services.

"Ramsell has a long-history of working with both government entities as well as HIV/AIDS patients. We know that changing health care programs can be challenging for any individual, and especially for HIV/AIDS patients who are on extensive drug regimens to manage their disease," said Sophia Byndloss, Division President, Public Health Rx, Ramsell Corporation. "We are proud to be working with the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency to ensure that this is a smooth process for everyone involved."

Ramsell has more than 15 years of experience in managing pharmacy benefits and 340B drug programs, including those in Los Angeles County, Oregon, and Colorado.

About Ramsell340B™ and RamsellPBM™
Ramsell340B™ combines pharmacy management services such as claims adjudication and utilization reporting along with a robust platform that provides specific features to track 340B inventory, prevent drug diversion and determine patient eligibility.

RamsellPBM™ offers highly configurable, transparent pharmacy benefit management solutions for pharmacy program managers who are limited by inflexibility of standard PBM services and need better control over their pharmacy programs, costs and outcomes. Ramsell has nearly 15 years of experience managing 340B and PBM programs.

About Ramsell
Ramsell has been creating positive outcomes for the health and safety of underserved populations since 1964.  We help organizations maximize limited resources through cost-effective coordination of care and services for complex populations managed by public health programs, education and corrections.  Ramsell offers highly-configurable, web-based technology solutions, services and expertise to assist our clients in connecting people to the services they need.  Ramsell provides solutions for pharmacy benefit management, 340B program management, medication therapy management and correctional applications for discharge planning and community supervision. Ramsell is based in Oakland, California. For more information, go to: