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Customizable solution for 340B Drug Program Administration to reduce costs, realize more value and improve care.

Ramsell340B™ delivers a comprehensive technology solution and in-depth expertise you can trust to help your covered entity connect the pieces and streamline administration so you can increase access, improve outcomes, reduce costs and realize more value.

Data Management Modules

Navigating through 340B made easy with having control over the data you have to manage. The visually enhancing driven GUI are easy to configured for reporting, auditing, and managing your 340B program efficiently.
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"Five P" Auditing Process

Ramsell340B performs a thorough analysis of your claims data matches to the 340B pricing from the manufacturer to ensure compliance with HRSA regulations and by applying our "Five P" approach for audit accuracy.

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Contract Management Process

Ramsell identifies and develops a custom, "right-sized" contract pharmacy network to expand patient access. Adding contract pharmacies expands access, but intensifies management of an already complex program. This includes increased scrutiny, potential for audits and complex inventory management across pharmacies.

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Ramsell340B Features

Configurable Technology Solutions
We provide configurable technology solutions designed to streamline 340B Program administration and ensure compliance with tools for eligibility, claims processing, inventory management, data management and reporting.

Public Health Expertise
We can help you implement and better manage your complex 340B Program with in-depth expertise in 340B management, spanning nearly 20 years. We provide unique services to help you navigate the program's regulatory changes, program compliance and audit-readiness.

Comprehensive Solution
Ramsell340B™ provides configurable technology solutions and expert 340B program services, and is part of a complete suite of solutions for pharmacy management, including Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Patient Assistance Program (PAP), and Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

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