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Our Heart Is In Public Health

We help public health programs maximize limited resources and improve outcomes by connecting people to the services and medications they need... for a better life.

Technology Services

Only Ramsell has a unique technology solution for each of its clients because we understand that every program has its own requirements. Our technology experts have rich experience in secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions, and have developed Web-based, on-demand workflow management tools for unique, program-specific functions.

Our highly configurable technology is implemented by a technical support team that specializes in implementation services, and can rapidly deploy technology solutions for custom programs. Every implementation includes a detailed scope of work and a fit-gap analysis, which allows us to customize solutions for customers. Ramsell Technologies offers expert services, including:

  • Load, Integrate and Manage Data
  • Develop and Manage Configurable Applications
  • Deliver Ongoing Upgrades and Product Releases
  • Provide User-Friendly Reporting
  • Manage Production Systems
  • Provide User Support, Training and Documentation

Ramsell provides a comprehensive, configurable suite of technology solutions for various programs, including:

  • Ramsell Correctional Application
    Discharge planning tool to match inmates with resources for healthcare, housing, education, employment, substance abuse and social services
  • Ramsell340B
    In-depth expertise and comprehensive technology solutions to streamline administration, increase access to medications, improve outcomes, and reduce costs
  • RamsellPBM
    Innovative approach, complete transparency, and unmatched, configurable PBM solutions for better control over pharmacy programs and costs and with relentless focus on patient outcomes
  • RamsellMTM
    Expert, patient-focused clinical services and configurable technology to improve and measure clinical outcomes, improve quality of life and control costs

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