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Contain Costs.
Increase Efficiency.
Improve Outcomes.

Highly configurable PBM solutions for better control over pharmacy programs, costs and outcomes.

RamsellPBM™ offers highly configurable, transparent pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions for pharmacy program managers who are limited by inflexibility of standard PBM services and need better control over their pharmacy programs, costs and outcomes. We provide configurable technology solutions, services and expertise to help you contain costs, increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

Our mission is to bring clinically sound, patient-focused medication therapy management to each patient, delivered with dignity, every time, to ensure their best life possible.

Configurable Technology Solutions
Only Ramsell has a unique solution for every one of its clients because every program has its own requirements. No other PBM supports technology designs at this level of configuration.

Public Health Expertise
We have been developing and managing specialized public health programs for federal, state and local health governments since 1992. We provide unique services dedicated to helping our clients navigate healthcare reform, redefining programs as required by ever-changing mandates.

Complete Transparency
Ramsell has always provided complete transparency. All of our fees are stated and known, as there are no hidden fees or "spread" or differentials in our pricing. All costs and all revenue are entirely passed through to the client as they are received, guaranteed, every time.

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