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Our Heart Is In Public Health

We help public health programs maximize limited resources and improve outcomes by connecting people to the services and medications they need... for a better life.

Clinical Services

Ramsell offers expert clinical services to enhance patient care while helping our clients control costs. We ensure that the highest level of care is delivered for each patient, one intervention at a time. We work closely with our clients to establish clinical guidelines, and we work collaboratively with physicians, pharmacists, and sponsors to improve patient outcomes through a variety of pharmacy-focused programs, including:

  • Medication Therapy Management
    Optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients, standardize quality interventions, improve clinical outcomes and control costs

  • Plan Design for Complex Populations
    Ensure clinically appropriate and cost-effective therapy with custom plan designs, formularies, step therapy, prior authorizations, tiered therapy, code 1 restrictions or automatic substitutions

  • Formulary Management Support, P&T Committees
    Implement various coverage levels tied to formulary based on standards of care, cost containment, enforceability of limitations, and fraud prevention

  • Prior Authorization (PA) Management
    Allow non-formulary medications via an automatic override during adjudication or through PA conducted by the pharmacy or prescriber and uploaded for adjudication

  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
    Conduct prospective clinical claim review via the online DUR process for treatment standards

  • Specialty Drug Management
    Manage specialty drug utilization, ensure patient compliance and optimize outcomes

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