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Colorado HIV Medications for Uninsured (HMAP)

The Colorado HIV Medication Assistance Program (HMAP) is a program to provide AIDS-specific medications on an outpatient basis to Colorado residents who qualify for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The HIV Medication Assistance Program (HMAP)?

The Colorado HIV Medication Assistance Program (HMAP) is a program to provide AIDS-specific medications on an outpatient basis to Colorado residents who qualify for the program. This program is intended for qualified individuals who cannot get these medications through any kind of insurance (private or Medicare/Medicaid) only. There are other programs to help individuals that can access private insurance or COBRA-based plans or Medicare. See the links for the Health Insurance Assistance Program (HIAP) and for Bridging the Gap, Colorado SPAP.

How Do Patients Qualify for HMAP?

(Please note that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reserves the right to change the eligibility requirements for any of our medication assistance programs. There may also be a waitlist to access one or more of these programs).

There are five qualifications for the program:
  • Be a Colorado resident
  • Have proof of HIV positive diagnosis from a doctor or testing facility
  • Be at or below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Must not be eligible for any other medical insurance through which you would be able to access medications in an affordable manner. The Ryan White ADAP system must be the payer of last resort
  • If on Medicaid, patient must access HIV medications through that program
Additionally, if a patient is eligible for Medicare, the patient MUST be enrolled in a Medicare Part D Drug Plan and be enrolled in the Bridging the Gap, Colorado SPAP.

Which Documents Are Needed?

  • Proof of Colorado Residence (i.e. rental agreement or utility bill that matches the address on your application and includes your name, identifying place of residence)
  • Picture identification (Colorado Driver's License, Colorado Identification card, Passport, School I.D., etc.) – MUST MATCH address on application
  • Proof of Income (copies of either your most recent Federal or State Income Tax returns, most recent pay stub (at least one month), Public Assistance or Social Security Award Letters)
  • If employed, you must have a letter from your employer that states whether or not insurance is available through the company, and if you have ever turned down insurance through that employer, when you would be able to apply again. Please note there is a program that can help pay the costs of insurance through your employer
  • Verification of HIV status
To be enrolled in the CO ADAP program download the First Time Application Form, if this is the first time applying; otherwise, download the Recertification Form:

What Enrollment Forms Are Needed? New!

What Drugs Are Covered?

To view the current list of drugs for the current HIV Medication Assistance Program Formulary, please click on the link below.

CO ADAP Standard Formulary:

Where Can Your Patient's Prescriptions be Filled?

There are only four locations where HMAP members can access medications:

  • Denver Health (only for members treated by Denver Health physicians)
  • University Hospital (only for members treated by University physicians)
  • Scales Pharmacy at Children's Hospital (only for members treated at CHIP)
  • Scales Pharmacy at Rose Hospital (for all other members, including those who need mail order services).
To locate the pharmacy closest to you, use the Pharmacy Locator on the left panel, or call Ramsell at 1-888-311-7632.

Where Can I Learn More About Colorado HIV Care Services?

Please click on the link below to learn more about HIV Care Clinics, Case Management Services, etc.

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