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We understand the needs of medical professionals, and we know that patients who rely on the public health require a greater level of sensitivity and attention.

Washington State PrEP DAP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Drug Assistance Program)

PrEP DAP is a state funded program that helps eligible HIV-negative enrollees with the costs of medications and medical/lab services to reduce barriers and increase access to PrEP services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Washington State PrEP DAP Requirements?

Basic eligiblity requirements for PrEP DAP are:

  • Washington State Resident
  • HIV-negative
  • At High Risk for HIV

Please Note: PrEP DAP is payer of last resort. Some enrollees may be required to use other programs before PrEP DAP.

To enroll with PrEP DAP, go to Washington State Department of Health's website.

Patients will have the option to apply online or they can print a paper application and submit it to:

Washington State Department of Health
PO Box 47840
Olympia WA 98504-7840

Staff at the Washington State Department of Health in Olympia process all applications for enrollment.

For assistance with enrollment, you can contact a Prevention Navigator:
Prevention Navigator
or you can contact PrEP DAP directly at: or 1.800.272.2437 (option 2).

What Drugs Are Covered?

Based on the group number assigned at enrollment, click on the PDF that corresponds with that assigned group number:

Where Can Patient's Prescriptions Be Filled?

Patients can fill their prescriptions through any one of the participating pharmacies in Washington.

To locate the pharmacy closest to your patient, enter their zip code or city in the form to the right, or call Ramsell at 1-888-311-7632.

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