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North Carolina SPAP/ICAP/PCAP

SPAP, ICAP, and PCAP are the sub-programs within NC HMAP (HIV Medication Assistance Program) that pay out-of-pocket costs for all medications covered by the primary insurance plan. SPAP is for clients enrolled in a Medicare Part D Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan. ICAP and PCAP are for clients enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) purchased on the Federal Marketplace ( There are no costs for medications covered by the primary insurance plan (Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare Advantage Plan, or Qualified Health Plan). SPAP and ICAP clients are responsible for paying their monthly insurance premiums and non-pharmacy copayments/deductibles. HMAP will pay the monthly premiums for PCAP clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the North Carolina SPAP/ICAP/PCAP Eligibility Requirements?

Eligibility information can be found on the HMAP website:


How Does a patient Enroll in the North Carolina SPAP/ICAP/PCAP?

Enrollment information can be found on the NC HMAP website:


What drugs are covered?

    The SPAP, ICAP, and PCAP formularies follow the primary insurance plan. As a secondary payer,SPAP, ICAP, and PCAP will pay all out- of-pocket costs for any pharmacy claim allowed by the primary insurance plan.

Where Can Patient's Prescriptions be Filled?

You can fill your prescriptions through any one of the participating pharmacies in the state of North Carolina.

To locate the pharmacy closest to you, use the Pharmacy Locator on the left panel, or call Ramsell at 1-888-311-7632.

To process your medications, the pharmacist will need your SPAP, ICAP, or PCAP ID card, Medicare Part D Plan information or Qualified Health Plan information, and valid prescriptions.

Where Can I Get More Information About the Program?

More information can be found on the NC HMAP website:


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