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Our Heart Is In Public Health

We help public health programs maximize limited resources and improve outcomes by connecting people to the services and medications they need... for a better life.

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We provide solutions to organizations that help underserved people get connected to the resources and medications they need for a better life. Our in-depth experience in developing, implementing and managing public health programs with complex populations dates back to the development of a prescription benefit program for people living with HIV in 1992.

Today, we manage 40% of the nation's ADAP claims, and we assist clients with transitions in healthcare reform to ensure uninterrupted services and continuity of care for optimal outcomes. We also work with Corrections to ensure the health and safety of the communities where parolees are managed. For more information, or to request an interview with one of our subject matter experts, please contact:

Sophia Byndloss
Vice President of Marketing
(510) 587-2606