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Contract Management Process

When patients benefit, so do you.

Expanding pharmacy network access benefits the patient as well as the Covered Entity. Ramsell340B's contract pharmacy management is geared towards increasing program efficiencies and patient convenience.

Ramsell identifies and develops a custom, "right-sized" contract pharmacy network to expand patient access. Adding contract pharmacies expands access, but intensifies management of an already complex program. This includes increased scrutiny, potential for audits and complex inventory management across pharmacies.

1 | Covered entity contracts with Ramsell


2 | Covered entity and Ramsell contracts with the pharmacy


3 | Ramsell establishes wholesaler order process on behalf of the covered entity


4 | Patient presents script to pharmacy and pays pre-defined co-pay

5 | Contract pharmacy adjudicates claim and stores data on Ramsell's system


6 | Patient receives medications


7 | Ramsell provides covered entity access to utilization and inventory report


Process Details:
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