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Ramsell Partners with Healthy Way Los Angeles to Help Reduce Costs and Improve Care for HIV/AIDS Patients

Oakland, Calif., October 3, 2012 – Ramsell, a leading provider of innovative solutions for organizations that serve the underserved, announced that it is implementing 340B and pharmacy administration services for people living with HIV/AIDS who are transitioning to Healthy Way L.A., Los Angeles County's Low Income Health Program. Approximately 6,000 patients in the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) are expected to transition into Healthy Way L.A. over the next year as part of healthcare reform.

Healthy Way L.A. provides free healthcare services and medication to low-income, uninsured patients. It was established as part of California's five-year, $10 billion "Bridge to Reform" proposal, and is at the forefront of the state's implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which will take effect January 2014.

"Transitions in healthcare reform require that we tap into every available program for the county to effectively manage programs previously administered by the state," said Amy Gutierrez, Chief Pharmacy Officer and Director of Pharmacy Affairs for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. "Ramsell's unique, in-depth experience in public health, 340B and pharmacy program administration is helping us successfully transition ADAP patients into Healthy Way L.A. to ensure cost-effective continuity of care with minimal disruption in services."

Ramsell is implementing a comprehensive 340B solution to assist Healthy Way L.A. and its HIV-focused clinics, patients and medical homes. In addition, it is building a specialized contract pharmacy network, which will ensure access to significant savings on medications. HIV/AIDS medications cost, on average, $12,000 to $20,000 per year. The savings generated from the 340B program will allow the county to manage the expenses associated with HIV medications, while increasing access to additional medical services not provided by the state ADAP program.

"We understand the challenges facing many state and county health programs as they prepare for healthcare reform and know how complicated it can be to administer and ensure compliance for these highly regulated programs," said Sophia Byndloss, Division President, Ramsell Public Health Rx. "We are honored to be working with Los Angeles County to continue our legacy of helping those living with HIV/AIDS in California."

About Healthy Way L.A.
Healthy Way L.A. is the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services' Low Income Health Program. Designed to be a precursor to the coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act, Healthy Way L.A. provides free primary and specialty care, mental health treatment, chronic disease management and medication to eligible low-income, uninsured patients in Los Angeles County. Healthy Way L.A. currently serves nearly 24,000 patients, and is working to enroll the more than 550,000 individuals currently eligible, including 6,000 HIV/AIDS patients previously receiving medication through the Ryan White Aids Drug Assistance Program.

About 340B Drug Pricing Program
The 340B drug pricing program was established by the federal government in an effort to extend financial relief for specific entities providing care and services to some of the country's most vulnerable individuals. Under the program, pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to provide outpatient drugs to participating entities at a reduced price. Although the 340B program ensures low-income individuals have access to their medication and treatments, some eligible providers are often challenged with providing adequate access and services to the discounted drug program. As a result, many use a contract pharmacy model to provide all of the pharmacy services.

About Ramsell340B™
Ramsell340B™ combines pharmacy management services such as claims adjudication and utilization reporting along with a robust platform that provides specific features to track 340B inventory, prevent drug diversion and determine patient eligibility. Ramsell has nearly 20 years of experience managing 340B programs.

About Ramsell
Ramsell has been creating positive outcomes for the health and safety of underserved populations since 1964. We help organizations maximize limited resources through cost-effective coordination of care and services for complex populations managed by public health programs, education and corrections. Ramsell offers highly-configurable, web-based technology solutions, services and expertise to assist our clients in connecting people to the services they need. Ramsell provides solutions for pharmacy benefit management, 340B program management, medication therapy management and correctional applications for discharge planning and community supervision. As an important segment of the Ramsell family business, Ramsell gives a portion of its profits to the Flowers Heritage Foundation, a non-profit group active in community service, education, prevention and the fight against HIV and AIDS. Ramsell is based in Oakland, California. For more information, go to: