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Ramsell Technologies Launches Tele-Adherence Product to Boost Medication Adherence, Reduce Healthcare Costs

Offering Utilizes Proprietary Mobile Technology to Encourage Patients to Follow Treatment Regimens

Oakland, Calif., Sept. 17, 2009 - Ramsell Technologies, a leading provider of healthcare software solutions, today announced the launch of its Tele-Adherence product which utilizes the latest mobile technology to help patients manage their treatment plans. According to the National Pharmaceutical Council and American Hospital Association, only 25 percent of patients with chronic diseases take medication as directed, often resulting in disease progression, an increased number of subsequent doctor visits and hospitalizations and even death.

The Tele-Adherence product utilizes proprietary mobile technology and the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model to help health care providers, health plan insurers and public payers realize significant cost savings by decreasing the follow-up care that results from noncompliance. Patients enrolled in the system are contacted using various methods, including voicemail, SMS text messaging or direct voice contact. To help providers monitor patients' progress, the product provides regular tracking reports.

"The best way to help patients effectively manage their diseases is by providing continuity of care. Our Tele-Adherence product offers multiple points of contact to remind patients to take their medication, answer treatment questions and track results," explained Moses Cesario, President of Ramsell Technologies.

The product draws upon Ramsell Technologies' 20 years of experience developing cost-effective solutions for the healthcare information technology industry. In addition to the Tele-Adherence offering, the company administers, hosts and manages IT services for public health administrators in California, Washington, Texas and Colorado, meeting rigorous standards to ensure compliance with patient privacy and security laws.

About Ramsell Technologies
Ramsell Technologies is a software business solution and information technology partner specializing in healthcare. Ramsell Technologies combines healthcare subject matter expertise with a team that understands modern software technologies. Its mission is to deliver efficient and cost saving technology solutions to its clients through advanced software solutions. Ramsell Technologies' clients spend less time solving technical problems and more time focused on improving the quality of a patient's life.

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