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Flowers Heritage Foundation Donates 500,000 Condoms to Non-Profit Organizations

Donations in San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico Represent Half of Foundation's "One Million Condom Giveaway" Goal

Oakland, Calif., July 13, 2009 – The Flowers Heritage Foundation recently donated half a million condoms to non-profit organizations in San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C, and Puerto Rico. The initiative is part of a larger project that aims to give away 1 million condoms each year to help communities that are vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

"The HIV/AIDS epidemic affects everyone, regardless of age, race or sex and the single greatest hope we have of overcoming the epidemic is prevention. Our efforts to donate 1 million condoms to other like-minded non-profit organizations are an attempt to help provide support for underserved communities and protect our communities both locally and abroad," said Gregory Edwards, executive director of the Flowers Heritage Foundation.

The Foundation's donation includes 200,000 condoms to the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention; 100,000 condoms to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Stop AIDS Project; 100,000 condoms to the Washington D.C., Department of Health's HIV/AIDS Administration; and 100,000 condoms to the Center for Community Ministry in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"Condoms remain the most effective way to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV," said Mark Cloutier, CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. "Reducing the number of new HIV infections is key to being able to imagine a day when HIV and AIDS no longer threaten individual or community health. We are indebted to the Flowers Heritage Foundation for understanding how the simplest tools are often the best."

The mission of the Flowers Heritage Foundation is to identify gaps in healthcare services and systems and treat health disparities with effective public health solutions. This is the second year the Foundation has donated condoms as part of its One Million Condom Giveaway. Previous recipients have included Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Alameda County Health Department, East Bay AIDS Advocacy Foundation, State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Zimbabwe Health Project in Africa.

About Flowers Heritage Foundation
The Flowers Heritage Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing solutions for public health issues affecting the medically indigent through our expertise in public health care, education/awareness programs, technology, business management, and fundraising. The Flowers Heritage Foundation was established by the Flowers family and is an outgrowth of their belief in giving back to the communities they serve. The Flowers Heritage Foundation is based in Oakland, California. For more information, please visit