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Ramsell Founder Honored By Howard University for Achievements in Business and Public Health

Oakland Pharmacist's Years of Service Recognized Nationally

Oakland, Calif., March 16, 2009 - Ramsell Holding Corporation founder Sylester Flowers was honored by Howard University with a prestigious award for his accomplishments in business and public health service.

Sylvester Flowers The Alumni Award for Distinguished Postgraduate Achievement was presented to Flowers at the 85th Annual Charter Day Dinner, which commemorates the founding of Howard, one of the nation's oldest black universities. Flowers graduated magna cum laude from Howard's School of Pharmacy in 1958 and was one of six alumni honored at the dinner in Washington, D.C., on March 14.

"Sylester Flowers symbolizes what we here at the Howard University School Pharmacy believe our graduates can and should be," said Beatrice Adderley-Kelly, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. "Mr. Flowers is a successful entrepreneur who has never stopped giving back to the institutions that helped him achieve success. Additionally, he is continuously providing opportunities for others."

After graduating from Howard, Flowers opened his first retail pharmacy, The Apothecary, in Oakland which grew into a chain of pharmacies primarily serving inner-city communities. Flowers went on to found Ramsell Corporation as a holding company for his successful pharmacies. Today, Ramsell is the parent company to four healthcare related businesses, as well as an information technology company. Each business donates a percentage of its profits to the Flowers Heritage Foundation to address the needs of underserved populations.

Since his time at Howard, Flowers has been dedicated to giving back and contributing to the success of its students. Under his leadership in 2000, Ramsell established the Sylester Flowers Endowed Scholarship in the School of Pharmacy to provide assistance to pharmacy students based on financial need and academic merit. In 2005, Ramsell also established the Howard University Graduate Internship Program for School of Pharmacy graduates to gain experience in a unique managed care setting with a focus on pharmacy benefits management in public health and community pharmacy practice. Also in 2005, the Howard University School of Pharmacy Alumni Association recognized Flowers as the Outstanding Alumni of the Year for his volunteerism and support to the school. In addition, Flowers has served on the School's Board of Visitors as well as its Advisory Board.

"It is an honor to be recognized by Howard University for doing something I believe so strongly in – helping those less fortunate," said Flowers. "My years at Howard reinforced in me the importance of giving back. I am proud that my success in business can translate into progress for my community."

About Ramsell Holding Corporation
Ramsell Holding Corporation is the parent company to three healthcare related businesses, as well as an information technology company. The Ramsell family of companies is committed to serving the underserved and improving the lives of the most fragile among us. Every business in the Ramsell family donates a percentage of profits to the Flowers Heritage Foundation to address the needs of overlooked populations. More information on Ramsell Holding Corporation is available at