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Ramsell Information Technologies Offers New Product Technology Management Services

Affordable IT Services for Bay Area Small Businesses

Oakland, Calif., February 24, 2009 - Ramsell Information Technologies today announced the widespread availability of affordable IT services for start-up small businesses throughout the Bay Area. In addition to Ramsell IT's proprietary library of highly customizable software—designed to suit a broad array of business IT needs—the company will now provide offsite and onsite application management including hosting, disaster recovery services, data backup and recovery, user management and training, and 24/7 call center support.

"We developed our application hosting and management services over the last two decades, supporting the complex and evolving needs of pharmacy benefits administrators in the public health sector," said Moses Cesario, President of Ramsell IT. "We understand the financial constraints of institutions operating on a shoe-string budget, and believe our services can help alleviate some of the burden Bay Area businesses are facing in this economy. Ramsell IT customizes, hosts and manages applications at a competitive price."

Ramsell IT's services have been honed throughout the company's 20-year history in the public health sector. The company administers, hosts and manages IT services for public health administrators in California, Washington, Texas and Colorado, meeting rigorous standards to ensure compliance with patient privacy and security laws on a large scale. These statewide programs require zero fault tolerance, highly secure data storage and constant environmental monitoring. Ramsell IT is now offering the same reliable IT services that support large public institutions to small businesses struggling to stay competitive in today's market place.

Recognizing that small businesses risk losing revenue due to data loss or downtime, must meet high security requirements for data compliance and lack the internal resources to manage and maintain their business applications and data, Ramsell IT is offering the latest in computing technology (software and hardware) to small and medium sized businesses that until recently were economically out of reach. Ramsell IT favors the use of web-based applications to centralize functionality, provide real-time maintenance while reducing up-front costs and alleviating the burden for customers of managing applications on individual devices.

"I chose Ramsell IT because I needed a provider that would make my small company look like a big business at a competitive price point," said Joel Soppet, President and CEO of Before the Call, a company providing sales, marketing and lead generation tools to Fortune 500 companies. "We needed a vendor who could provide 100 percent up time with a highly secure, fault tolerant solution. Ramsell IT meets all of those requirements and provides me with excellent customer service, personal touch and flexibility."

About Ramsell Information Technologies
Ramsell Information Technologies, a subsidiary of Ramsell Corporation, is a technology service provider with more than ten years of experience in custom software development and production software management for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Ramsell IT provides high quality technology services to local Bay Area start-up, medium and small businesses. Its mission is to provide efficient and cost saving technology solutions to public and private sector organizations while improving the lives of individuals who rely on these institutions to fulfill their technology needs.