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Ramsell Unveils AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Data Management System

Web-based System Streamlines Program Administration and Provides States with Complete Control

Oakland, Calif., February 9, 2009 - Ramsell, a pharmacy benefit manager and information management company, today announced the availability of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Data Management System, a highly configurable, web-based system designed to assist with program administration and compliance while providing States with complete control of their ADAP program.

The program is scheduled to go live in February as part of an installation for a large state ADAP program in the West Coast. The new system supports ADAP States regardless of whether it is a Rebate, Direct Purchase, or Hybrid State.

The ADAP Data Management System is the first complete ADAP program management suite available in the market today. Fully compliant with HIPAA security standards and industry regulations, the ADAP Management System is extremely scalable with no hardware or software restrictions. By deploying the ADAP Management System, ADAP Administrators can closely manage their ADAP drug spends, pricing, and premium payments. In addition, ADAP Administrators will be able to calculate cost savings from targeted programs.

The technology solution will enable ADAP States to maintain a reliable program while providing administrators with the benefits of:

  • Real time access to data controlled by the State ADAP
  • Consistent application and tracking of State enrollment and eligibility data
  • Insurance premium payment support
  • Improved ability to report ADAP patient demographic and prescription utilization data
  • Tools for formulary management
  • Utilization of HIPAA compliant security standards
  • Electronically stored data for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing configuration of the system and processes to meet the needs of State ADAP Program
  • Ease of program administration for the State ADAP

“With the introduction of the ADAP Data Management System, Ramsell sets a new standard for ADAP program management and compliance," says Sophia Byndloss, President of Ramsell. "Ramsell is providing our clients with a powerful tool to assist with the efficient management of ADAP programs in today's challenging economic climate."

"Ramsell believes the system will make the administration of the state's ADAP program more efficient, so administrators can focus on what's important, improving patient outcomes and lives of those with HIV," added Eric Flowers, CEO, Ramsell Holding Corporation. "Many States are still operating legacy systems that are not adequately supported and do not easily give ADAP administrators real time information."

The ADAP Management System is one of several solutions in Ramsell's pharmacy benefit management portfolio. The efficiency gains demonstrated by the ADAP Management System are a direct result of over 15 years of experience with managing state ADAP programs.

About Ramsell
Ramsell, a subsidiary of Ramsell Holding Corporation, is a highly efficient pharmacy benefits manager and information management company that provides customized services for public health programs. Its proprietary software and healthcare expertise enables health care entities to make funds go further, thereby assuring that patients have access to life-sustaining medications they need to survive and thrive. As an important segment of the Ramsell family business, Ramsell gives a portion of its profits to the Flowers Heritage Foundation, a non-profit group active in community service, education, prevention and the fight against HIV and AIDS. Ramsell is based in Oakland, California.

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