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Flowers Heritage Foundation "Bridge-the-Gap" Funding Goes to State of Montana for Second Consecutive Year

"Funding to minimize impact on Montana's AIDS Drug Assistance Program"

Oakland, CA, November 18, 2008 - The Flowers Heritage Foundation announced today that this year's "Bridge-the-Gap" recipient is the State of Montana AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). The "Bridge-the-Gap" program disperses funding obtained through charitable donations and corporate grants to alleviate state ADAP waiting lists. The funding will provide HIV/AIDS medication for 13 patients on the waiting list for the State's ADAP program.

Advancements in HIV/AIDS antiretroviral (ARV) therapy have allowed those battling the HIV virus to live longer and healthier lives, while decreasing AIDS-related morbidity and mortality. However, ARV therapy is expensive, with costs in upwards of $24,000 annually, hindering uninsured Montanans access to HIV medication. Without ARV therapy, people living with HIV will progress much more quickly to an AIDS diagnosis.

"The Flowers Heritage Foundation is committed to serving the underserved community with HIV/AIDS," said Gregory Edwards, Executive Director of the Flowers Heritage Foundation. "We are very pleased for the opportunity to assist Montana's HIV/AIDS cause through the generous contributions made by our donors. We recognize the importance of providing funding for HIV/AIDS medication to support budget-stretched programs like Montana ADAP."

"In Montana, people are being diagnosed at later stages of HIV disease, impacting state public assistance programs like ADAP," added Judy Nielsen, Montana ADAP Coordinator. "The generous grant from the Flowers Heritage Foundation is timely, and will have a positive impact on the 13 patients that have been waiting to be enrolled into the ADAP program."

The Flowers Heritage Foundation allocates 100% of donor dollars to help improve and/or save the lives of the medically indigent population with HIV/AIDS through programs like "Bridge-the-Gap". The foundation aims to identify gaps in healthcare services and systems and treat health disparities with effective public health solutions. The "Bridge-the-Gap" program is available to all ADAP programs with cost containment strategies in place that limit access to care. The program is funded entirely through charitable contributions. The Flowers Heritage Foundation is always accepting contributions to support future "Bridge-to-Gap" programs. Interested parties may make a tax deductible donation by visiting the Flowers Heritage Foundation website at:

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The Flowers Heritage Foundation
The Flowers Heritage Foundation (FHF) is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing solutions for public health issues affecting the underserved and improving the lives of the most fragile among us. Our current priority is to make a significant difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We allocate 100% of donor dollars to help improve and/or save the lives of the medically indigent through our programs. We educate and increase awareness around HIV/AIDS as a public health dilemma. The annual art competition is a FHF program.

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About Ramsell Holding Corporation
Ramsell Holding Corporation is the parent company to three healthcare related businesses, as well as an information technology company and a real estate management and investment business. The Ramsell family of companies is committed to serving the underserved and improving the lives of the most fragile among us. Every business in the Ramsell family donates a percentage of profits to the Flowers Heritage Foundation to address the needs of overlooked populations.

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