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California Pharmacy Hall Of Fame Announces New Honorees

California Pharmacists Association

Over the weekend of Feb. 7-10, 2008, the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) named this year's group of honorees for the California Pharmacy Hall of Fame at the Outlook 2008 Annual Meeting. A very prestigious honor, the California Pharmacy Hall of Fame award is designed to recognize pharmacists who have been an inspiration to the practice of pharmacy in California as exemplified by a long and distinguished history of service, achievement in several arenas, strength of character, innovation, trend setting and altruism. It represents pharmacists who have aspired to the top of their profession and stems from nominations by pharmacists statewide. This year's recipients include: Sylester Flowers, Glenn Yokoyama, and Peter Kellison (the only non-pharmacist in the group).

2008 CPhA Hall of Fame Honoree

Sylester Flowers

Sylester Flowers received his pharmacy education at Howard University School of Pharmacy in 1958, graduating Magna Cum Laude. After graduation, Sylester joined the Army as a second Lieutenant and served in the Medical Service Corps. In 1962, he joined the United States Army Reserve stationed at the Letterman Hospital in San Francisco. Then in 1964, Sylester opened The Apothecary in the bay area, a community-based pharmacy providing health care for the medically underserved, and continues to do so today. For more than 40 years, Sylester Flowers has been a tireless and unselfish champion committed to the underserved and medically indigent, not only as a pharmacist, but also as a business leader. Today, Sylester is the Founder of the Ramsell Holding Corporation, a conglomerate of six organizations whose ultimate goal is to fulfill his mission of what he started with The Apothecary - to serve those less fortunate. All of the organizations in the Ramsell Holding Corporation contribute a portion of their earnings as well as services, to the Flowers Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing solutions for public health issues affecting the medically indigent. Sylester Flowers also serves as a community leader and educator. Through his corporation, Sylester developed an outpatient prescription benefit plan for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program for the City and County of San Francisco. Due to his successful management of the program, the Ramsell Holding Corporation now manages the State's ADAP program, the nation's largest. Sylester Flowers has embraced the art of giving back to his community. With all of his companies committed to serving the less fortunate and improving the lives of the most fragile, he is the model of social responsibility.

2008 CPhA Hall of Fame Honoree

Glenn Yokoyama

Glenn Yokoyama is a dedicated health care professional with an absolute commitment to the profession of pharmacy. Glenn has been active in both the State and National Associations and not only served as President for CPhA, but for the California Society of Health System Pharmacists (CSHP) as well. While serving as President of CPhA in 1982, Glenn was deeply involved in strengthening our ties with CSHP and was able to relate CPhA's interest in advancing the entire profession. He worked tirelessly on behalf of the profession and spent an inordinate amount of time attending meetings of local and specialty organizations. Glenn also served as a member of the State Board of Pharmacy, helping pave the way for advancement in the profession of pharmacy advocating for issues such as mandatory patient counseling. He has participated in radio and television programs promoting the benefits of utilizing a pharmacist for questions regarding a patient's medication therapy. He is a strong believer that there is an important role for pharmacists in our health care system. In addition, Glenn has worked diligently over the years with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, promoting pharmacists as an integral part of the health care team. But first and foremost, Glenn is a teacher with a strong vision for the profession of pharmacy, influencing pharmacists, pharmacy residents and students to be leaders and advocates. Glenn Yokoyama is an inspiration and a role model to all those who know him. He is the voice for pharmacists in all practice settings and a pillar in the profession of pharmacy.

2008 CPhA Hall of Fame Honoree

Peter Kellison

Peter Kellison began his career as a lobbyist for pharmacy with the California Pharmacists Association, first as a staff member, then as contractor since 1989. The work that Peter did and the accomplishments he achieved with the legislature, governor's office and health agency administration on behalf of pharmacy and CPhA specifically, is legendary. Over the years, Peter has become the face and voice for pharmacy in the legislature. He has worked tirelessly to keep pharmacy in high regard with policymakers. Whether Peter worked on public health, managed care, Medi-Cal or prescription drugs, his word has always been beyond reproach. The value he places on his relationships provides assurance to policymakers who are charged with resolving difficult and complex issues. Due to Peter's efforts, passion, and commitment to pharmacy, the profession has seen tremendous benefits. Over the 18-plus years that Peter has served as a lobbyist for CPhA and the profession as a whole, many important decisions have been made in the legislature as a result of his ability to deliver the message of pharmacy. Peter has represented the profession of pharmacy with integrity and skill.

The California Pharmacists Association is the largest state pharmacy association in the nation and the professional society representing all pharmacists in California. The mission of the Association is to act as the leader in advocating the role of the pharmacist as an essential provider of health care and to support pharmacists in providing optimal pharmaceutical care.