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We help public health programs maximize limited resources and improve outcomes by connecting people to the services and medications they need... for a better life.


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Ramsell340B delivers a comprehensive technology solution and in-depth expertise you can trust to help your covered entity connect the pieces and streamline administration so you can increase access, improve outcomes, reduce costs and realize more value. We provide administrative, clinical and technical services and configurable technology to streamline program management, and ensure compliance and oversight with an eye on audit-readiness.

Configurable Technology Solutions

We provide configurable technology solutions designed to streamline 340B Program administration and ensure compliance with tools for eligibility, claims processing, inventory management, data management and reporting.

Public Health Expertise

We can help you implement and better manage your complex 340B Program with in-depth expertise in 340B management, spanning nearly 20 years. We provide unique services to help you navigate the program's regulatory changes, program compliance and audit-readiness.

Comprehensive Solution

Ramsell340B provides configurable technology solutions and expert 340B program services, and is part of a complete suite of solutions for pharmacy management, including Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Patient Assistance Program (PAP), and Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

Configurable 340B Technology

Virtual Inventory Management

  • Provides sophisticated inventory tracking
  • Streamlines process
  • Ensures appropriate inventory levels
  • Monitors real-time inventory at the NDC-11 level
  • Manages replenishment and order processing
  • Generates and verifies orders based on inventory triggers
  • Monitors order status
  • Reconciles orders based on what was:
    • Ordered
    • Shipped
    • Invoiced
  • Real-time inventory activity reporting
    • Inventory adjustments
    • Dug order history
    • Inventory positive on hand

Claims Adjudication

  • Claims processing
    • Process real-time claims as full-service PBM; or
    • Retrospectively re-process and analyze claims
  • NCPDP Telecommunication Standard electronic claim adjudication services
  • Configured for unique program dispensing guidelines, plan rules or limitations:
    • Formulary drug coverage
    • Prior authorization requirements
    • Dispensing controls and limitations
    • Step therapy and prerequisites
  • Online Drug Utilization Review (DUR) review at the point-of-sale

Enrollment & Eligibility

Technology solution for clients that manage their own enrollment and eligibility:
  • HIPAA-compliant enrollment and eligibility information handling
  • Accommodates 834 EDI file or proprietary enrollment process
  • Ensures accurate identification of eligible members and storage of enrollment data

Reporting System

  • Configurable reporting system
  • Enables access to program data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Real-time inventory activity
  • Generates reports for any date range or used to query all available data

Prior Authorization (PA) Management

  • Approves non-formulary medications when allowed:
    • Via electronic override during adjudication; or
    • Via PA process initiated by the pharmacy or prescriber, managed by client
  • PA Module rapidly uploads PAs to allow for adjudication by the dispensing pharmacy

Expert 340B Program Services

Contracted 340B Pharmacy Network

  • Increases patient access
  • Develops custom pharmacy networks to meet the needs of the covered entity and patients
  • Facilitates contracting and HRSA registration process
  • Sets up order management process with wholesaler
  • Develops a process tailored specifically to the 340B program
  • Conducts geographical mapping of service areas
  • Selects pharmacies that fulfill critical categories for complex populations
  • Contracts with chain and independent pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, jail pharmacy systems, and specialty pharmacies, compounding and HIV-focused pharmacies

Enrollment & Eligibility

  • Comprehensive functionality that accommodates any 340B program
  • Ensures that only eligible patients receive 340B medications at the discounted price
  • Assures covered entities of 340B program compliance

Wholesaler Administration

  • Seamless management of the wholesaler drug purchasing process
  • Facilitates "ship to, bill to" process
  • Uses standard set of electronic data interchange (EDI) files
  • Flexible order management process managed either by Ramsell or the 340B covered entity
  • Significantly reduces time
  • Saves costs

Third-Party Payer Capture

  • Enables greater control over tracking 340B third-party claims data
  • Increases visibility into third-party payer information, when applicable


  • Analyzes potential 340B drug diversion to non-eligible patients
  • Produces auditable records that demonstrate compliance
  • Integrates data for rules-based analysis, including:
    • Patient data, including eligibility and associated payers
    • Claims data and third-party capture data
    • Current, accurate 340B pricing from wholesaler
  • Retrospectively re-process and analyze claims to verify:
    • "Lower of" and accurate pricing
    • Contracted pharmacies, including appropriate dispensing
    • Prescribers associated with the covered entity

Clinical Services

  • Prior Authorization (PA)
  • Formulary development and management
  • Drug dispensing policies
  • Medication Therapy Management (optional)

Price Monitoring

  • Automated, real-time price monitoring
  • Storage of 340B prices
  • Ensures accurate 340B price is charged

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