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Increasing Access. Saving Money.

We help health centers improve drug program administration, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve continuity of care by connecting people to the medications they need... for a better life.


Simplified. Streamlined. Trustworthy.

Ramsell340B delivers a comprehensive technology solution and in-depth expertise you can trust to help your covered entity connect the pieces and streamline administration so you can increase access, improve outcomes, reduce costs and realize more value. We provide administrative, clinical and technical services and configurable technology to streamline program management, and ensure compliance and oversight with an eye on audit-readiness.

Contract Pharmacy Network

Covered entities can utilize external contract pharmacies to dispense 340B priced drugs, which expands patient access to discounted drugs. We provide a 340B contracted network, and manage custom network development, contracting and ongoing services – a total solution that increases program efficiencies and patient convenience.

Configurable Technology Solutions

We provide configurable technology solutions designed to streamline 340B Program administration and ensure compliance with tools for eligibility, claims processing, inventory management, data management and reporting.

340B Expertise

We can help you implement and better manage your complex 340B Program with in-depth expertise in 340B management, spanning nearly 20 years. We provide unique services to help you navigate the program's regulatory changes, program compliance and audit-readiness.

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